As an Arkansas-based hemp product manufacturing company,

providing the utmost superior hemp offerings, we are dedicated to

GIVING BACK. We’re honored to be a part of this incredible movement as it affords our customers, our partners and especially us, the opportunity to improve lives, communities, and the environment.


One of our greatest rewards is knowing the quality of our customer’s

life is improving! To ensure that our products are maximized for the

body, we use the finest full spectrum cannabinoids sourced from our

boutique partner farms. In our Arkansas lab, we apply special care to

produce with as little processing as possible and utilize the highest

quality carrier oils and other ingredients available. We deploy our

proprietary nano-emulsification and infusion process to maximize the

bioavailability from hemp derivatives, contributing to our superior

products. Our products are 3rd party tested so you can be assured

that BUFFALO CO’s products are top quality for maximum



We take social responsibility quite seriously. We believe it is our

mission and obligation to invest in local communities. Throughout the

year we invest in multiple charities which are selected based upon the interests of our customers such as: Arkansas Animal Shelters, ArkansasEnterprise for Developmentally Disabled, Arkansas Symphony, United Cerebral Palsy of Arkansas and Women & Children First: The Center Against Family Violence. Thankful to all who serve our country, we provide a 50% discount to all US Veterans.


It starts with the soil and the farm. We insist that our cultivars are

sustainably grown using bio-dynamic cultivation practices - with

thoughtful adaptation to scale, landscape, climate and culture. We

completely exclude the use of ANY synthetic/artificial fertilizers on soil and plants. We source and manufacture with environmentally

conscious safe practices and apply a percent of BUFFALO CO’s

proceeds to preserve the Buffalo National River.

Thankful to all who serve our country, we provide a 50% discount to all US Veterans.