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Our Bath Soaks are made with the finest hemp extract, epsom salt, and selected organic essential oils to turn your soaks into a luxurious experience.  Add it to a warm bath for total body relaxation or as a soak for hands and feet. The dose is customizable based on preference and use.  For example: 1TB for a manicure, 2TB for foot soak, 4-6TB for bath.


STRENGTHS of Active Full-Spectrum Cannabinoids and SIZES:

1000mg (40 oz - 80TB)

500mg (20 oz - 40TB)

175mg (7 oz - 14TB)

50mg (2 oz - 4TB)





  • The easy to use soaks give you plenty of flexibility! 

    To use as hand (mani) soak - simply pour 1TB of soak into a bowl of warm water and soak hands for 15 minutes.

    To use as foot (pedi) soak - simple pour 2TB of soak into foot bath and soak for 15 minutes.

    For a full luxurious body bath - we recommend at least 50mg (2 oz/4TB) of soak.

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