Perfect combination of 100% organic plant-based terpenes.  This powerful nasal inhaler is formulated with a set of specifically selected and compounded terpenes to address and dimmenish panic feelings.  This pleasant experience resets your system and stops panic in its tracks.   Don't Panic ...  Simply RE BOOT!  

For those concerned with drug tests, there is NO THC in this product!  

STRENGTH: 1ml active terpenes

RE BOOT Nasal Inhaler

  • Buffalo Co’s premium 3rd party tested products are sourced from sustainable sources, are full-spectrum containing multiple cannabinoids, and are produced with proprietary nano-emulsification processes to maximize bio-availability.


    Full-spectrum (or “whole-plant”) products contain CBD as well as terpenes and other cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN. Usually, these will be in ratios that were naturally-occurring and extracted from the plant and specific strain. Terpenes and cannabinoids are occasionally added back into products as an isolated form to raise the potency of the product. With full-spectrum CBD oil products, you have the advantage of something called the “entourage effect.” This is where all the cannabinoids and terpenes are working together in synergy, something that broad spectrum and isolate products lack.



    A non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBG’s antibacterial effects can alter the overall effects of cannabis. CBG is thought to kill or slow bacterial growth, reduce inflammation (particularly in its acidic CBGA form), inhibit cell growth in tumor/cancer cells, and promote bone growth.


    CBC is most frequently found in tropical cannabis varieties. CBC is known to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, inhibit cell growth in tumor/cancer cells, and promote bone growth.



    MCT Oil is used as our carrier oil. MCT oil falls in a special category. A concentration of fats found in coconut oil, it promises to deliver quick energy and a host of other benefits—from easier weight management to better memory and heart health.

  • With onset of panic feelings, unscrew nasal inhaler,  place finger on one nostral and apply enough pressure to prevent air flow.  Insert inhaler into open nostral and inhale deeply.  Repeat with other nostral.  You should experience a sense of calm/relief in 30-90 seconds.  Repeat entire process as needed.  Be sure to screw lid back on tightly after use.