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Perfect combination of 100% organic, food grade, botanically sourced and ultra-distilled plant-based terpenes.  This powerful nasal inhaler is formulated with a set of specifically selected and compounded terpenes to address and dimmenish panic feelings.  This pleasant experience resets your system and stops panic in its tracks.   Don't Panic ...  Simply RE BOOT!  

For those concerned with drug tests, there is NO THC in this product!  It is derived from naturally occurring plants that are NOT hemp or marijuana.

STRENGTH: 2ml active terpenes infused with organic MCT oil for high bioavailability

RE BOOT Nasal Inhaler

  • With onset of panic feelings, unscrew nasal inhaler,  place finger on one nostril and apply enough pressure to prevent air flow.  Insert inhaler into open nostril and inhale for count of 4, hold for count of 4, and exhale for count of 4. Repeat process alternating nostrils until desired effect. Be sure to screw the lid back on tightly after use. Store in cool dry environment to maximize product longevity.

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