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Does sleep alude you - just can't quiet your mind?    The Sweet Dreams hemplixir is a physician formulated and clinically tested hemplixir designed to help you slip into a peaceful night's sleep!


Sweet Dreams are made of these:  select botanically sourced organic terpenes, our top-shelf whole plant hemp extract  - rich in CBD and CBN, organic MCT oil, and 100% organic natural flavor.


STRENGTHS:  all strengths are 2:1:1 ratios of CBD:CBN:TERPENES

  • 1500mg active whole plant CANNABINOIDS (50mg per ml), 500mg TEPRPENES (16.66mg per ml) / 1 oz., 30ml bottle
  • 750mg active whole plant CANNABINOIDS (25mg per ml),. 250mg TERPENES (mg 8.33 per ml) / 1 oz., 30ml bottle
  • 50mg active whole plant CANNABINOIDS (50mg per ml),16.66mg TERPENES (16.66mg per ml) / (5) 1ml individual doses





PriceFrom $25.00
    • MCT Oil
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